Vibrating Separator Type AMVS

  1. This machine is used for separating impurities from all kinds of cereal.
  2. The vibration of the machine is made by two vibrating electro-motors.
  3. The chassis of the machine is mounted on four rubber absorbers that depreciate the tremble and prevent its transmission to the structure, though we have absorbers assembled under the mounts of the machine.
  4. The upper sieves separate the undesirables and the lower sieves do the same for the small impurities. Both wire clothes and punched sheets are available for the sieve mesh.
  5. There are rubber balls inside the sieves in order to clean up the meshes.
  6. The inclination of the machine is aligned by special screw jack.
  7. Reaching and cleaning the inside of the machine is easily accessible.
بوجاری ویبره AMVS