Roller Mill Type AMRM

Roller Mill Type AMRM

۱٫ Minimum thickness of the hard layer of cast iron rollers is min 13 mm (Naminal:15mm) and the hardness is minimum 500 HB and are made in BALAGUERE of Spain.

۲٫ The rollers are grinded and fluted and balanced.

۳٫ -The average linear speed of the rollers in BK is approximately 6.5 m/s and in MI app. 5.5 m/s.

۴٫ Rollers’ pressure is by compressed air pressure and pneumatic cylinders which are provided by REXROTH company from Germany. A Disc Spring system regulates the pressure in a way that in case some metal pieces such as bolts and nuts enter to the machine, the rollers open and let them out without any damage to the roller. The cylinders and valves of compressed air pressure are provided by MANNESMANN REXROTH from Germany.

۵٫ Power transferring of roller mill is done by special toothed belts which are able to transfer up to 55 KW and could be regulated. All pulleys of this transferring system are provided by VICENTINA from Italy.

۶٫ To take out and put in the pulleys there exist a special tool, which will be delivered with the machine.

۷٫ The roller mill’s bearings are auto-adjustable type of ball bearings are provided by SKF and FAG. The bearings under oil pressure of manual Hydraulic which will be delivered with the machine are taken out of the shaft of roller mill and there is no need to be hit by hammer.

۸٫ A special lifter will be delivered with the machines to take out and put in the pulleys, which easily do this action.

۹٫ Greasing the roller mill bearings are done through a special delicate piping and the they are not between complicated parts and lubricating action is easily done.

۱۰٫ The feeding system of roller mill is controlled by two systems. Manual control system which increases and decreases the cycle (rpm) of gearbox motor connected to the feeder’s roller mill, by potentiometer and inverter. Automatic control system with works by sensors over the roller mill’s hood (intake), with increasing the load, the cycle of feeder’s roller mill increases. Automatically of which the quantity is adjustable. Inverters are provided by SIEMENSE

۱۱٫ The feeder rolls sections of roller mill are protected by valves to avoid the out purring of the material and facilitate the sampling action.

۱۲٫ The main parts of the machine are provided by well-known companies of west Europe (Germany, Italy, and Spain). Such as VEM provider of Electromotor, KEB and MOTOVIARIO is provider of electro gearbox, SIEMENSE provides the electrical parts and REXROTH from Germany is supplier of blowing pieces and BULHOFF supplies some part of bolt and nuts and joints. The special disk springs are supplied by SCHNORR from Germany. Handles and scaled clocks are from GANTER from Germany, sensors for automatic control of input load are from SICK from Germany.

۱۳٫ Main electro motors have thermostat.

۱۴٫ A tool box containing all the necessary tools for maintenance will be delivered.

والس AMRM