Quality Policy

As a leading manufacturer of milling plant machinery, Ard Machine Company has deployed the latest technologies and advanced techniques .Relied on our experienced manpower, as well as applying accredited international standards, we are determined to meet our clients’ needs according to their desired specifications.

Our management believes that the company will achieve its goals only through unanimity, collaboration and active involvement and participation of all staffs in a proper circumstance, along with an effective quality management system. Ard Machine Company has based its quality management system according to the international standard ISO of 9001:2000, considering the following items:

  1. Improving the quality of products.
  2. Improving the knowledge of the employees.
  3. Obtaining the customer satisfaction.
  4. Making the best use of resources and reduction in costs.

All the directors, managers and staffs are highly expected to help the management to achieve the qualitative goals through recognizing their delicate responsibilities and mobilizing their own capabilities and resources.

This policy will be revised annually to update the above mentioned goals.