High Pressure Fan AMHF

  1. The body of the machine is made of very strong steel sheet with thickness of 3 and 4 mm.
  2. The rotor is strong and has been balanced up to 0.4 gr mm/kg with no vibration. This has been made of steel ST37 and the vanes’ type is Back ward.
  3. Welding’s are checked by NDT test.
  4. Bearings are one integrated piece and the nonalignment of axis between the two bearing axis has been minimized to prevent making any extra moves. This increases bearings’ lifetime. The bearings in belt side are roll bearing type and in rotor side are ball bearing type.
  5. One pneumatic gate valve is fixed in the entrance of high pressure fan which opens by PLC control so that the electro motor won’t bear pressure.
  6. Special shock absorbers are fixed in entrance and exit of high pressure fan and there is one shock absorber system under the base legs.
  7. Electro motor has Thermal Protection and got regulating system for belt and its lock.
فن فشار قوی AMHF