Screw Conveyer AMSC

  1. The body of the machine is made of stainless steel grade 304.
  2. The rotors are of 2 meters length.
  3. The head and end bearings are standard and bearings in the middle are made of wood and cow natural leather with a special technology which in touch with dust and dirt has extremely low depreciation, and the greasing is done through the points which are out of spiral.
  4. In case the machine is over loaded, the micro switch system (Telemecanique) will turn it off and the PLC turns off the penultimate machine (charging materials) respectively.
  5. Electro gear boxes have F.S > 1.5.
  6. Special gates are fixed under the machines for flour spirals, which are easily opened and can be cleaned.
  7. One gate to control material passage is fixed at the end of the spiral.
  8. The cap is possible to be opened by bolts and nuts.
مارپیچ AMSC