Drawer Plan sifter AMDP

Each sieve of Ard Machine plan sifter has 0.3 sqm. mesh and useful surface of 0.25 sqm. Therefore one sifter 8/22 of this company with 22 levels and 8 channels has got approximately 53 sqm total meshes and approximately 44 sqm useful surfaces.

Sieve frames are drawer type and while they have not got solid yet, they are put on the special rails and after being fixed by mechanical hoists from lower part, they’ve been placed on top of one another and get firmed while sealing.

The bodies of sieve frames are made of laminated plywood, the Bolting cloth and or stainless steel metal. The bottom part of sieve frames is made of stainless steel grade 304. The covered multilayer which the sieve frame is made of is pressed with special waterproof paste and only few factories in Finland are able to produce them.

The sifter’s bearings are roll bearing and Spherical Roller Thrust Bearing type and are lubricated and all the radial and axial powers are fully controlled by this system. This system is fixed by a special design inside a strong metal chassis. The cabins containing sieve frame are fixed to this strong chassis by bolts and nuts.

The machining work of sifter chassis is perform on the Boring machine, in order to be on the same axis with complete bearings. And the seat bottom of upper and lower bearings is done simultaneously to minimize the axial tension and consequently tensions to borings as much as possible.

The Electro motors of the machines are provided from VEM and have Thermistor

The sifter doors are made of aluminum and pressed woods which are so firm yet very light

The suspension canes are done by natural manila woods which are firm, while having elasticity and proper cuts and vibration. The machines are adjusted to be ON an OFF constantly and in proper timings in order to avoid any damage to the machine and chassis and pinches, which is adjustable by PLC. It is not possible to turn the machine on right after turning off.

The welding is controlled by NDT method to minimize the possibility of breaking the chassis of sifter during operation. A tool box containing all the necessary tools for maintenance will be delivered.

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