Rotary Separator AMRS

  1. This machine collects the big pieces of residue from wheat in the first separating stage. Residues such as cotton string, cloth and so on, which could harm the vibrating separator’s meshes.
  2. The rotating cylinder of this machine has one spiral which releases the residue while rotates, and leads it toward the packer.
  3. The mesh of the machine is made of steel sheet which has been punched with square holes and is of high strength.
  4. The dusting pipe above the machine vacuums the dust inside of it and through a dust collecting system sends it to the filter.
  5. The special rotating brush system cleans the mesh simultaneously with the rotating cylinder.
  6. The load input is made of steel sheet with the thickness of 4mm which is reinforced by anti-attrition sheet (HARDOX) and is changeable.
  7. Electro gear boxes (with F.S>1.5) and the bearings are supplied from accredited companies.
بوجاری دورانی AMRS