Rotating Separator AMSPR

  1. In ordinary two working tables’ separators, the grains passing the upper sieve do not pass through the lower sieve and so the separation of small grains from the wheat will not be complete. In this separator all the small grains are collected from upper sieve while passing and then all of this material pass over the lower sieve and granule separation will carried out completely.
  2. Sieve frames of the machine are covered by stainless steel sheet grade 304 to avoid the attrition.
  3. The movement of this machine is rotary and the shaking scope in horizontal line is more than vertical line. Therefore large residues could not be thrown upward and pass in upright position to the mesh, and comparing to the vibrating rotary separators the cleaning system is more efficient.
  4. While creating rotary move, special joints avoid the shock transferring to the chassis.
  5. In order to avoid the replacement of sieve frames while operating, and also to easily take them out for maintenance services, the special locks are fixed next to the handles.
  6. Maintenance, services and changing sieve frames are very easy.
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