Purifier AMVP

  1. The body of the machine is a combination of stainless steel grade 304 and iron structure.
  2. The shaking is created by two vibrating electro motor and is adjustable.
  3. Sieve Frames are made of plywood.
  4. In order to obtain the highest result, apart from 4 main dampers and 4 lateral valves, the machine’s air is controlled by 32 small adjustable valves.
  5. Each machine has 24 sieves in 3 stories. The total surface of each sieve is 0.24sqm and its useful surface is 0.2 sqm. Therefore total surface of mesh in each machine is 6 sqm and useful surface is 4.8 sqm.
  6. Cleaners are made of Polyortan.
  7. There are different handles for air and load dampers and sieves
  8. Air piping system of purifiers is independent and connected to Jet Filter and adjusting valves are also considered in dusting air piping.
  9. The output of the meshes of each level could be mixed through special valves.
پیوریفایر AMVP