Jet Filter AMPF

Jet Filter AMPF

۱٫ The body of Jet filter is steel ST37 of 2.5 mm thickness and is made of reinforced profiles and are very strong

۲٫ The filter’s bags are cleaned by compressed air jet with approximately 6 bar pressure and this pressure makes the complete cleaning of the bags

۳٫ Jet filter’s diaphragm magnetic valves are supplied by MECAIR from Italy

۴٫ The blockage of the bags could be known from the pressure indicator whichis fixed on the body of the jet filter

۵٫ The bags are Polyester with 360 g/mˆ۲ weight which are heat resistible up to 140◦C, and can bear up to 60 bar

۶٫ Apart from the dryer system which will be fixed at the output point of compressor, there is one dryer (absorbs the moisture) at the input of compressed air of jet filter to avoid bags get wet.

۷٫ Electro gearboxes are from KEB from Germany

۸٫ Discharging the jet filters form flour, is done by screw conveyors.

جت فیلتر AMPF