Hammer Mill AMHM

  1. Body of the machine is made of hard steel with the thickness of 5 and 6 mm.
  2. Rotor is made of hard steel with the thickness of 10 mm.
  3. Shocking blades are made from steel spring C.R.V and thermal operation are done to make them as hard as 60 HRC.
  4. Special anvil made of stainless steel exists in the machine which is in direct touch with materials and avoids deterioration of the body.
  5. The grinded material is transferred to the silos by pneumatic pipe and air pressure through a special fan which is fixed inside the machine. There is no need to another conveying system.
  6. The blades of the fan for conveying the material to silo are made of stainless steel.
  7. The shafts on which the shocking blades work, are ECN steel with hardening thermal operation up to 60 HRC.
  8. The integrated power system of this machine is flow over by belts form electro motor to the bearing.
آسیاب چکشی AMHM