Gravity Selector AMGS

  1. This machine has two stacked decks and while working as destoner, it separates the light and loaded (heavy) wheat and each one gets out through a special exit door.
  2. In order to create emptiness inside the machine to make wheat flow over sand, and to maximize efficiency, the sand exit and exit of materials (light and heavy wheat) is disconnected from outside by plastic valves, and there is a damper system and spring at input point to do the isolation.
  3. A special shock absorber makes the machine work desirable.
  4. The capacity and the efficiency of the machine is high, as its volume is ample and it occupies a small surface.
  5. The process of vacuuming the fan’s air, which makes the wheat to flow, is done by a special adjustable scaled damper.
  6. A bilateral screw jack is adjusting the incline of the machine.
  7. An aluminum damper with possibility of adjustment and stability creates the emptiness in sand’s exit.
شن گیر AMGS