Chain Conveyer AMCC

The body of the machine is made of steel with the thickness of 3 mm.

  1. The base plate of the machine is made of steel sheet with 5 mm thickness and the chain that turns over it is made of HARDOX anti-attrition steel flat bar .
  2. The general move of the chain is on a plastic rail (polyamide) and the chain works without depreciation and without making laud noise.
  3. The chain wheels are made of DUCTILE steel.
  4. The chain is made of steel belt with thermal operations of C15 E type and its pins are made of anti-attrition steel C45.
  5. – The elasticity of chain can be controlled by regulating system fixed on the machine.
  6. – A micro switch (Telemecanique) turns off the electro motor in case the machine has been blocked and the PLC cuts the loading of the penultimate machines respectively.
نقاله زنجیر AMCC