1. The belts of bucket elevator are made of Polyester and Polyamide with SBR cover (Styrene Butadiene Rubber). The minimum elasticity strength of these belts is 800/5 and the maximum stretching is under 1.5%.
  1. The buckets depending on their designs are made from pressed steel or stainless steel or nylon (Ny 6) which is also known as polyamide (Pa 6). Generally, nylon or polyamide is preferred because of its mechanical strength and anti-attrition feature. The HDPE plastic (High Density Polyethylene) is weaker and it is not used by ArdMachine. Special galvanized bolts and nuts are used to connect them to belt.
  2. Electro gear boxes used in elevators have brakes so in case of power cut, the motor won’t move against the rotating direction and prevents load of bucket from turning back inside the elevator (F.S > 1.5).
  3. For the safety purposes of the bucket elevators different sensors like bearing temperature, block chute detector, alignment and speed switch sensors are used.
  4. The head of the elevators has been made of changeable reinforced anti-attrition sheets. The lower part of the elevators has belt regulating system and special slides are fixed to be able to unload the elevator if needed.
  5. The minimum thickness of the elevator upper sheet (head) is 4 mm in big elevators and 3 mm in small ones. The minimum thickness of the bottom sheet is 4 mm and the thickness of the tube sheet is 2mm.
  6. Special latches with high strength and durability are used to connect the two heads of the belt to prevent making noise.
  7. Minimum Hardness of bolts and nuts is 8.8
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