1. Because of wide diameter of cylinders (90 cm) the separating action of wheat impurity is done thoroughly by perforated cylinders.
  2. Each big cylinder (sorter) and each small cylinder (restorer) has an independent gear box motor and their movement does not depend on each other so there won’t be any depreciation in the system.
  3. Perforated sheets have the least attrition and the indented meshes are stainless steel.
  4. The bearing system is very special, no need to lubricant or covered bearing.
  5. Perforated sheets with special latch that are connected to each other and to each cylinder could be easily disassembled in four pieces.
  6. In order to keep the indented stainless steel meshes a hitting system has been designed.
  7. Gear box motors have shock absorber (Anti Shock Arm) to prevent harming the movement mechanism when it starts to move by the cylinders’ power.
تریور AMTB