Control Sifter Type AMCPS 2/16

  1. It is necessary to sift the flour once more through a 500 micron mesh before getting packed because of some particles that may drop to the flour during its transmission from sifter to the silo and then to the packer.
  2. The sieves of these sifters are similar to the original sieves of the factory and they are made of Finnish multi-layer coatings, Swiss bolting cloths and Italian cleaners.
  3. The crankshaft rotational motion system of the machine is controlled by the adjustable roll bearing and special thrust ball bearings. The upper bearing is lubricated by grease and the lubrication of lower bearing is done by oil.
  4. The placement of bearings is machined by CNC boring so that they are coaxial.
الک کنترل دو کاناله AMCPS